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Responsible: A. Schmidt, I. Isebaert-Cauuet
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Implementation: B. Maroutaeff.

1. What can you find?

The on-line database has been prepared by the Centre for the Study of Gregory of Nazianzus, in Louvain-la-Neuve.

It allows to find:

- an edition of the works of Gregory of Nazianzen in any language (greek and translations) in which they have been published;

- any translation in a modern language (english, french, german, italian) of Gregory's works.


2. How to find a reference?

The database allows searches:

- by work of Gregory Nazianzen;

- by language of the edition or of the translation;

- by author (editor or translator);

- by publication's year.

The first two criteria has to be filled in to allow search; they propose a closed list of items.


3. Results of the search

The result shows:

- a summary of the request;

- the number of answers found;

- the list of answers, sorted by author's name (first sorting) and by publication's year (second sorting).

The answers contain the author's name, followed by the first letter of the surname, the full title, and the indication of the pages, for each of Gregory's works. No other abbreviation occurs but "PG" for Patrologia Graeca (+ volume).


4. Updates

The bibliography is regularly and systematically updated, by the Centre for the Study of Gregory of Nazianzus.

Any information (bibliographical references, corrections) can be directed to:




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Isabelle Isebaert-Cauuet

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