EXERCISE: Verbs + prepositions

1. When they arrived the beach, all their towels had disappeared.

2. She argued the teacher for half an hour in an attempt to scrape a better score in her test.

3. I am afraid this book doesn't belong the library.

4. Those who will benefit this exercise are those who have practised at home a lot.

5. The doctor doesn't believe his alleged efforts to get rid of his addiction.

6. Caution : Keep in cool place to prevent hatching.... Rattle snake eggs !Who is afraid opening this envelope ?

7. We asked more information, but the shopkeeper didn't have any.

8. He had sent many letters applying jobs but no one ever replied.

9. My parents have never approved silly behaviour.

10. What a nuisance ! My aunt always comments our school results. Why doesn't she mind her own business ?

11. These two youngsters were charged assaults on teachers.

12. What does this experiment consist ?

13. "How are you ? " he said to his brother, « I can't complain » he replied with a smile.

14. American Beauty. This film deals several characters who are all schizophrenic.

15. It all depends your approach to the problem whether you are pessimistic or not.

16. Have you heard your parents yet ? No, They hate e-mailing even though they live abroad and it’s by far the easiest way to keep in touch.

17. He was operated a few years ago and recovered very quickly.

18. Why do you always interfere tough boys ? Leave them alone !

19. When he entered the classroom everyone cheered and wished him a happy birthday.

20. Tutoring junior pupils ? This idea should not be sneezed , as it will help you to restore your self-confidence !

21. She can never say a word in public because she feels ashamed and does not want to be laughed .

22. The boss will certainly object your taking a few days off next month. It's our busiest month.

23. After Lady Diana's death, thousands of people, mourning the loss of the princess, sent love messages to the palace.

24. He pointed the church , saying pigeons were a real pest.

25. Do you know what I long ? How about taking me to the mountains where we can ski for hours and think of nothing else but holidays.

26. We hate having to answer so many questions when we cross the border.

27. I am very upset that my mother has only me to rely .

28. My neighbours always yell each other, it is quite unpleasant.

29. She was reluctant to specialise chemistry but her parents insisted so she gave in.

30. We can't sympathise those people from the extreme right-wing who wish to destroy democracy and are prejudiced against foreigners and immigrants.

31. Mind you ! There are several gorgeous restaurants to choose in this remote ski resort.

32. If you are looking a quiet family holiday, don’t go to this jungle, conditions are really basic.

33. This despicable figure was deprived all his civil rights.

34. Some lawyers do charge exorbitant fees advice to couples who have run into problems and feel at a loss.

35. I didn’t mention his name my parents , so they won’t be able to find his number.

36. I do object being considered as a second class citizen.

37. I have always doubted his honesty and now you have the evidence he is a liar.

38. His difficulties stem his being unable to deal with family problems coupled with his poor academic records.

39. Why don’t you stick what you said first ?

40. Everyone thought he would outlive her, but in the event, she survived him by 20 years.

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Analyse : Jean Schumacher   Réalisation informatique : Boris Maroutaeff
Dernière mise à jour : 13/09/2001