EXERCISE: Verbs + prepositions

1. How much money a week do you spend cigarettes

2. Do you agree the chairman’s opinion ?

3. The driver is suffering a heart complaint and is likely to be kept under observation for ten days.

4. A football team consists 11 players.

5. Who does this mobile phone belong ?

6. You had better concentrate the lecture instead of drawing.

7. Don’t forget to smile the audience when you go on stage.

8. ‘La tentative de l’impossible’ by Magritte tells us many things painting.

9. It depends what mood I am in.

10. All the French Surrealists were interested dreams, chance and automatism.

11. Magritte was concerned having daylight.

12. You have to choose painting and drawing.

13. He has already applied a scholarship at Leeds university.

14. In such circumstances you can only rely your own energy.

15. I have decided to deal this problem first.

16. The boss never apologizes being late.

17. This fragment of the novel refers the author’s own experience.

The youngsters were first charged aggravated assault.

19. He left New York yesterday at 9 p.m. and arrived Heathrow airport this morning.

20. Many old people need someone that cares them.

21. Don’t talk things that are none of your business.

22. Talk the devil and he will appear.

23. Don’t worry trifles.

24. The police have been searching the weapons stolen two months ago.

25. The casualties are recovering the accident at the seaside.

26. Don’t wait me. I’ll call you as soon as possible.

27. I told her she was absent-minded and she didn’t reply me.

28. All the students will benefit a government grant.

29. You shouldn’t trust any person claiming to be a member of a humanitarian organization.

30. It’s quite impossible to reply all the applicants right now.

31. Although she is twenty, she still believes fairytales.

32. There’s no point arguing such a trivial matter.

33. There is no point comparing your marks your neighbours’.

34. Although she was doomed to die in her early twenties, she never complained her illness.

35. She was congratulated her brilliant PHD.

36. The authorities haven’t decided the safety measures yet.

37. More and more people lay emphasis the psychological side of society’s current problems .

38. If you need any other details, ask further information.

39. Before making any important decisions, think twice it.

40. Are you still angry ? Please, talk me.

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Analyse : Jean Schumacher   Réalisation informatique : Boris Maroutaeff
Dernière mise à jour : 13/09/2001