EXERCISE: Miscellaneous tenses

1.How long [you, know] him ?

2. When [you, fall] in love with him ?

3. It was impossible to study because our neighbours [have] a party.

4. Don’t worry about the rent, I [lend] you some money.

5. Come as soon as you [fill] in this form.

6. Jane [be] in love with Fred since Saint Valentine’s Day.

7. She is not available. She [go] to the bank.

8. She [have] her car for 4 years when it was stolen.

9. What [you, do] ? I’m a teacher.

10. [You, make] a lot of improvements this year ?

11. By the time the kids arrived, Mummy [finish] doing lunch for everybody.

12. Leave me alone. I [read] an interesting book.

13. How much money [you, spend] on petrol in an average week?

14. If he hadn’t failed the psychometric test, he [have] the job.

15. The boss‘d rather you [work] with the Chinese.

16. Which journalist [write] about the affair last year ?

17. The Prime Minister [deal] with those problems lately.

18. [You, ever, leave] a restaurant without paying the bill ?

19. We [do] enough, now let’s go and have a rest.

20. When [Columbus, discover] America ?

21. If she [agree] , I would be quite happy.

22. What are you going to say when you [meet] her husband.

23. If she [tell] the truth, she wouldn’t have had so many problems.

24. « Sorry to stop you Sir, but I’m afraid you [drive] the wrong way up this street : it’s one way. »

25. The most painful experience I’ve ever had, happened when I [just, leave] university.

26. You look different. What [you,do] to your hair ?

27. Tom [work] hard on his dissertation for two years now.

28. Up to now we [do] quite a lot.

29. If you went to Spain, you [need] to improve your Spanish.

30. I saw my boss last night at the party. He [wear] an awful tie.

31. During the war, the royal family [live] abroad for two years.

32. This time next week we [lie] on the beach.

33. Here you are at last. I [wait] for you since quarter to three.

34. She thought she [meet] him before.

35. Since when [the price of petrol, rise] to such a point ?

36. If you [not, do] anything at the moment, could you come and help me.

37. I’m really sorry. I [forget] your name.

38. The people I used to know in the State Music industry [all, go] by the time I got back from New York.

39. Belgium [have] a gypsy population since the 15th century.

40. The headmaster dropped in while the teachers [chat] .

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Analyse : Jean Schumacher   Réalisation informatique : Boris Maroutaeff
Dernière mise à jour : 13/09/2001