EXERCISE: Miscellaneous tenses

1. She her car three weeks ago.

2. She her car for 2 years.

3. She English since she was fourteen.

4. Where is Roger ? You know he to Brussels on Fridays

5. I want to see her when she .

6. Don’t forget your umbrella ! Look at the sky : it !

7. If you don’t pass your test, you get the job.

8. She told me that she to him earlier that day.

9. While she was sleeping in the garden and her boyfriend the washing up, someone threw a book through the window.

10. What about ? You look absent-minded.

11. They out of petrol while they were crossing the desert.

12. If you were 16, you the option of taking your driving test.

13. By next month, we the result of the test.

14. They television for five hours when it suddenly blew up.

15. What time breakfast ?

16. As soon as you , we will sort out the documents

17. What for a living ?

18. If I hadn’t called an ambulance, she .

19. I don’t know what I’ll have for lunch, I my mind yet.

20. Over the last few days, the children very well.

21. Whenever she tell me the truth, she cried.

22. I wish I enough money to go on a cruise.

23. How long for the Thalys ? for 1 hour ?

24. The whole team are relieved : the boss the virus.

25. Actually, I a Beatle. It was too expensive.

26. from him lately ?

27. What yesterday night when I called you ?

28. What’s the most painful experience you ?

29. Last month the price of petrol an all-time high.

30. It’s high time you a shave !

31. How long ago ?

32. I tried to phone you five times before midday. Where this morning ?

33. I’ve already tried to phone you five times this morning. Where ?

34. They to each other since they had a quarel.

35. the boss yet ?

36. I some fish just before in the lake over by the woods.

37. Los Angeles before ?

38. I abroad last year.

39. - How long French ? - For 5 years.

40. Why is Greg in London ? He on business.

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