EXERCISE: Miscellaneous tenses

1.They so much that they didn’t know what they were doing any longer.

2. The old lady complained to the police that two young tourists her bag and fled.

3. She noticed he a new pen in order to sign the contracts. What a show off !

4. If I you, I should stop buying so many CDs , you don’t want it to become a real craze, do you ?

5. What is he going to do when he for the States, stay with a family or live on his own ?

6. They away from school because they had damaged the computer room.

7. They were shocked when they the couple kissing on the escalator without the least shame.

8. I called the shop where I the outdated groceries and told them they had to refund me and take their goods back.

9. Unless your father you up, no one will be able to take you back home, I’m afraid.

10. In retaliation, because she some coffee on his lap, he drew a large black moustache on her face while she was asleep.

11. As I , there’s nothing more I can do to convince you to change your mind.

12. He refused to come on board as it brought back memories of his mother who by drowning a few years ago.

13. I thought we should go to the coast for the day, but he .

14. Lots of shops in broad daylight nowadays, it’s a real shame !

15. If you me a lot of money now, I would spend it on buying more books for our library.

16. All the squatters happened to be youngsters who out from school after a few months.

17. He insisted that sleeping with the boss could be included in the contract and she embarrassed.

18. I watch « Melrose Place » on TF1 every day because I don’t know what else to do when I dinner on my own.

19. My main concern is how I able to put up with being so isolated in a foreign country, not being able to speak the language.

20. It is well established that the heartbeat of an infant during the stress of being born.

21. The former Serbian paramilitary leader by a professional hit squad after trying to exchange information for immunity for his war crimes.

22. He did not know whether he at his aunt’s or his girlfriend’s and whether his mother would find out or not.

23. The Greenwich Dome might become a theme park when the Millennium exhibition .

24. A charity promoting the rights of Russian servicemen has assessed that over 3000 troops in Chechnia.

25. This year’s US presidential election on the web with half the nation visiting the various candidates’ competitive websites.

26. Clay is a difficult surface for people used to lawn tennis and can really down matches.

27. A lot of people to see Monet just because of all the hype, just to say they have been there and done that. The same goes for numerous profitmaking exhibits and shows.

28. I to reach her many times lately, but I always get her answering machine.

29. A few years ago the café-philo relaunched after the days of Sartre and de Beauvoir and now there’s one in Brussels. Food for thought for thoughtoholics !

30. Why your country ? Because I object to compulsory military service.

31. Punctuality is recommended since you allowed to go in once the film has begun.

32. It is a typically Irish pub where one live soccer games and other sports events on their satellite television, while eating a Gaelic steak and sipping good ale.

33. To tell you the truth, « the substance of the charge is false » the lawyer insisted, and besides, « white people the same way » she argued.

34. How long she was cheating on her husband ? Five years.

35. The dioxin crisis in Belgium experts to question whether alleged bio products are safe for consumers or not.

36. Could you figure out how awful life would be if motorcars, aeroplanes and plastic toothbrushes and the like from the face of the earth at a stroke ?

37. If my condition had not been diagnosed months ago, I an eye for ever.

38. Since Gary Gilmore’s execution, which took place in the Utah state prison in 1977 and was carried out by a five man firing squad, there more than 600 executions as the result of the death penalty in US.

39. We early tomorrow because we have to catch the first train to Paris to be in time for the wedding.

40. In Uganda, 1.1million children under 15 by Aids.

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Analyse : Jean Schumacher   Réalisation informatique : Boris Maroutaeff
Dernière mise à jour : 13/09/2001