EXERCISE: Gerunds and infinitives

1. He plans [recruit] newly graduated students as well as people with professional experience.

2. This famous actor always avoids [look] at the photographers taking his picture with lenses as large as newborn children.

3. Orbaen didn’t even bother [look] down at the list in his hands from Buckingham Palace.

4. Unfortunately we don’t appear [have] his mobile phone number.

5. At this point we considered [surrender] .

6. By law, companies entering the Stock Exchange aren’t allowed [reveal] figures which might affect their performance until eighty days after they start trading.

7. I knew that if we managed [get] into a pool, it would be possible to take snapshots.

8. The organizers aimed [contrast] the sculptor’s organic wooden structure with the semi-natural environment of the park.

9. The company hopes [create] a 350-space car park under Place Flagey.

10. The project will not involve [change] the look of the building or its facade.

11. I really wanted [make] people understand these kids.

12. I tended [live] in my own little world, reading the wrong books and hoping for a better life.

13. George started [import] confectionery, biscuits and custard powder which he sold from the garage of his house during his spare time.

14. After all, as we kept [remind] ourselves, the media commemoration of the 80th anniversary of his death, the end of the first World War has been dragging on for what seems like years.

15. He’s had overtures from first decision clubs but he prefers [stay] in Brussels.

16. As I get older, everything seems [boil] down to one question : when you look around the world, is everything just accidental?

17. You are forced [choose] between the unbelievable truth or a life where there’s only trouble.

18. Why don’t you try [leave] the door ajar ? It might make the room a bit cooler.

19. The parents of the woman, 30 , who have issued a plea for help on behalf of their daughter, wish [remain] anonymous.

20. It’s the luck of the Irish to fail [qualify] in a year when the World Cup is held in Europe.

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Analyse : Jean Schumacher   Réalisation informatique : Boris Maroutaeff
Dernière mise à jour : 13/09/2001