EXERCISE: Gerunds and infinitives

1. Have you ever heard those stories of tourists on snow covered roads in remote Scottish villages ?

2. huge shopping malls in countries such as the Philippines does not prevent poverty.

3. The doctor pretended the truth and kept lying to the family and even refused to produce the medical analyses.

4. Holiday, horses and me. After all that with the school, I just long to sit quietly and enjoy the view from my balcony.

5. Tartini’s music should preferably on instruments of the period.

6. Everyone wondered who had arranged so early in the morning.

7. We are all concerned with money, nothing else matters really, the boss snapped.

8. All the students deserved on their numerous efforts to set up a local newspaper.

9. Do you mind my the window while you are away ?

10. We are looking forward to from you soon and remain, yours, sincerely. Dave

11. No one seemed she had stolen the very last files from the filing cabinet.

12. Do you want with the international jetset ? Then visit Monaco’s famous casino !

13. He had struggled a lot the top level of the company and he couldn’t just sit back and relax, even for a while.

14. People can’t help the huge variety of shops selling jewellery and all sorts of stunning tropical shells.

15. My brother hates at especially when he is trying to be helpful.

16. I hope you will have those letters properly next time, or I’ll have to ask somebody else.

17. They remembered by a foreign mechanic at the petrol station but they couldn’t say whether he wore glasses or not.

18. His car needed but he couldn’t find the time. So he had a break down

19. Why don’t you try the flower stems down before putting them in the vase ?

20. He apologised for to leave the money on the table and said he would put it in her bank account.

21. We decided against another holiday abroad since all our money and belongings had been stolen in Barcelona.

22. As he is used to late every morning, he will go into detention every Wednesday afternoon, until he changes his bad habits.

23. This beautiful necklace is very expensive but it wants .

24. They loved showing off and they intended to have their hair whether or not their parents objected.

25. She couldn’t manage up with dancing lessons and schoolwork. And she dropped school.

26. Students always expect teachers understanding whenever they make mistakes, but this doesn’t help them much, does it ?

27. There is nothing worse than names in front of other people.

28. Where would you rather ? To a Thai restaurant or to a Greek one ?

29. Who would you prefer ? A person with intelligence, with a strong personality or with sex appeal ?

30. We are fed up with money into such stupid projects.

31. They had meant the police immediately, but they didn’t and the prank calls continued for weeks.

32. They told her my plants during my week off because she always drowns them

33. They were advised until it stopped raining before cycling back home.

34. They postponed me back because they knew I couldn’t speak any Spanish.

35. No one will be able to stop him back to a rehabilitation centre if he continues with his drinking habit, she sighed.

36. I reminded them our favourite series, but they forgot again as they were watching a football match.

37. If you go on like this, the lady said, you face my husband the police immediately.

38. We can’t wait for you graduated so that your father can go and work abroad.

39. They failed in the forms accurately, so their applications were refused.

40. This would involve our a lot more time on the project and we didn’t feel like it.

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Analyse : Jean Schumacher   Réalisation informatique : Boris Maroutaeff
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