EXERCISE: Gerunds and infinitives

1. comes first, as it develops both our way of thinking and our creativity.

2. It is quite difficult how many cars will be sold.

3. Money ? I would say yes immediately, not being afraid of for a person who likes money !

4. Without it the first thing I appreciate, sex appeal is undeniably important in a relationship.

5. Go and abroad if you don’t like it here !

6. I only think of . myself when I get up in the morning !

7. It might be useful to ask him more questions about last night in order to test his honesty.

8. Street crime keeps and it is a great threat for many of us.

9. Unfortunately, I cannot afford a new car as I do not have enough money.

10. They all wanted their papers first so that they would get their grades.

11. How did you expect me your essay when you have such bad handwriting ?

12. Even if she was good-looking, he didn’t feel like out with her.

13. He wondered whether she would like their wedding anniversary in Las Vegas or not.

14. This brand new approach has succeeded in delinquency and will be extended to other schools.

15. He didn’t tell me he liked so much, otherwise I would have lent him the car.

16. Instead of all the questions, you may write what you think of extreme right parties.

17. Some teachers can’t resist jokes with their pupils, just to make lessons more

18. After their 6th grade, they all contemplated to the States in order to become fluent English speakers.

19. After the letter she got, she couldn’t help miserable, and no one could comfort her.

20. They were all able Russian well after just a few months in Moscow.

21. They seem a lot of money from all their baby-sitting.

22. Stop your father all the time, let him speak!

23. He refused a tie, even at exams.

24. Yes, I loathe the same tricky questions over and over again, especially by you.

25. We were quite proud of to wrap this present so neatly.

26. Don’t you hate people sitting about doing nothing when you are working ?

27. She prevented me from this hilarious play and we watched a boring film at home.

28. I have seen so many marriages wrong lately that I advise you to think twice before proposing to her.

29. He was asked to apologise for in the non-smoking area.

30. It is not my fault. I didn’t look. I couldn’t manage the oncoming car.

31. He didn’t say a word when he left. I simply watched him .

32. What a shame, I saw a man in the middle of the street and nobody stopped to help him.

33. Who taught you so legibly, I wish I could write as well as you !

34. He appeared in love with his former wife although he rejected the idea totally.

35. The travellers were delighted to pay for the museum tickets as entrance the exhibition was free.

36. Pupils often claim there are less incentives maths than modern languages.

37. They’ve considered for a new membership card as they’ve lost theirs.

38. They have to apologise for not up the place after the party.

39. We warned them out without being properly protected against mosquitoes.

40. She had forgotten them how they should reload the camera.

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Analyse : Jean Schumacher   Réalisation informatique : Boris Maroutaeff
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