EXERCISE: Past tenses

1. What would he have done if he [be] there?   

2. I am very sorry but I [not finish] reading the book yet.   

3. She [be] ill since last Monday. She won’t be able to go to the sea-side next week-end.   

4. I decided to learn Greek while we [live] in Delphes.   

5. They were going to town when I [see] them this morning.   

6. He has got measles, [visit] him yesterday afternoon?   

7. - [You read really] this Shakespeare play four times? - Yes, I think it is extraordinary.   

8. If I [bump] into a ghost, I think I would run away fast or scream.   

9. I [lose] my glasses and had to spend the whole week straining my eyes so I was glad when she found them in the garden shed.   

10. He was caught after he [wander] in the eastern Highlands all night.   

11. Last week she noticed her books were overdue. So even though she was very late she [pop] into the library to take them back before going to work.   

12. After the old man’s mysterious death the inspector [look] for some clues.   

13. When he came down for dinner yesterday evening he told me he [just write] a letter to his wife.   

14. At about tea-time she [hear] the phone ringing again.   

15. When they found him dead they discovered he [hit].   

16. We know he [buy] a new house in a small lane quite recently, but we don’t know whether he has sold his old house.   

17. They went to the sollicitor’s. He read the will. How much [leave] them?   

18. I have never seen him again since I [leave] Australia in 1964.   

19. Look at that shop window! Looters pouring out of the neighbouring shanty town [smash] it.   

20. She is very worried . Her daughter had told her she was going to be back at 6. It is now 6.45 and she [not turn up] yet. What could have happened?   

21. Our neighbours are noisy.... Last night they [throw] pots and pans again.   

22. They [make] a complaint because their coffee-machine didn’t work.   

23. She has been reported missing after going for a stroll in the marshes, perhaps she [suck down] in a swamp.   

24. Who is this lady? She [move] into No 4 last month.   

25. This hotel is empty, it [not live] in for a long time.   

26. What a pity! We’ve got a bottle of wine but we [not bring] a corkscrew.   

27. They were very busy because a water pipe [leak].   

28. He [can not] get the lid off so he lost his temper.   

29. Yesterday afternoon he [have] a nap in the garden chair when a boy dropped a ball on his head.   

30. It was her birthday so he [buy] her a bunch of flowers.   

31. He was looking at a map so he [not notice] that the car in front of him had stopped at the traffic lights.   

32. He was running fast and he [bump] into an absent-minded old man.   

33. We didn’t do the shopping because we [not have] time.   

34. He [have] an argument with his boss, so he decided to resign.   

35. You’d better tell the truth now, you [lie] so often.   

36. She wanted to help sick children so she [train] as a nurse.   

37. He was fed up and that’s why he [give] up working for them.   

38. They had been charged with bugging his flat but they [deny] all the allegations last week.   

39. At last we [let] him drop his evening classes.   

40. I [not hear] the telephone because we were having an early evening drink on the terrace.   

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Analyse : Jean Schumacher   Réalisation informatique : Boris Maroutaeff
Dernière mise à jour : 13/09/2001