EXERCISE: Past tenses

1. You seem tired.
No, it’s only because I [run] on the beach for so long

2. They’d like to see him soon.
He also thinks it’s high time he [meet] them.

3.They’re coming by taxi because their car has been damaged. A bus [bump] into it yesterday.   

4.Do you know John is going to move? He [call] me last week to give me his address.   

5.There are still a lot of mistakes. I suppose you still [not understand] the exercise.   

6.We can’t believe her story,it’s a pack of lies. She [not have] an interview until the week after!   

7.He [switch] off the lights as his grandmother [go] down the stairs.   

8.They [not see] each other for ages.
Really? I thought they were still close friends.

9.Good heavens, your clothes are ruined. What you [do] to get them like that, climbing trees?   

10.You just have to put up with it, although it is annoying :
they [change] their minds at least three times over the past few months.

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Analyse : Jean Schumacher   Réalisation informatique : Boris Maroutaeff
Dernière mise à jour : 13/09/2001