EXERCISE: Past tenses

Jane and John are leaving the theatre. They [be just] to a musical.
Jane - Well, [like you] it?
John – No, not really. But I can’t tell you why.
Jane - [be] you [ever] to a musical before?
John – Yes, last year we [go] to see Starlight Express. I really [enjoy] it.
Jane – That’s the third musical I [see] this year. Next month I’m going to Paris to see Cats. It’s on again. I [read] so many good reviews. It’s bound to be great.
John – What about a concert? Would you come if I [invite] you?
Jane – Why not?
John – As soon as a good singer comes to Brussels, we’ll go then. And now. Aren’t you hungry? I [have] anything to eat for ages. I’m starving.
Jane – Oh, I’m afraid I can’t tonight. I have to go. I [finish] my essay and I have to hand it in tomorrow. Next time, we’ll have a pizza together. Bye. Thanks.

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Analyse : Jean Schumacher   Réalisation informatique : Boris Maroutaeff
Dernière mise à jour : 13/09/2001