EXERCISE: Connectors

Use one of the following connectors to patch up the text and obtain a coherent text.

eventually / Hence / by all means / And most of all / I would conclude that / To put it in a nutshell / either/ as / or

Asian Women PART III

, conditions today do not allow many women in important roles, only a few are in the government, and very few are in high management positions in the public or private sectors. , equal opportunities in that 'man's world' must be worked out, .

To accomplish this ultimate aim around the world, all of us need to stand up and work for change. In Asia, women need to set an example. We need to pursue more education to improve women's competitive edge. We definitely need to actively seek out opportunities. We need to be persistent-run for political seats and reach higher ranks in the business and educational world. , we need courage to stand up for our own rights. Many of us already know that our effort to carry out a dramatic change has begun, our achievement is still far away.

it is time for all of us to join hands in all possible ways to release the power of women worldwide, and attain the goal of fair and equal treatment for women in all cultures. The world has much to gain indeed from such an accomplishment.

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