EXERCISE: Connectors

Use one of the following connectors to patch up the text and obtain a coherent text.

only / This is / or / and / by no means / as / The first step to / Of course / or / while

Asian Women PART II

, I do not advocate that women take over the world. I want to emphasize that men and women can and must co-exist in harmony and equality everywhere in the world, complementing each other for the collective wellbeing of all. making this happen is to be aware and acknowledge that many cultures of the world are still far behind the developed nations of the West.

Please do not jump to the conclusion that I am suggesting women should take up men's behaviours act like men, look like men. Far from it. Women bring their own special style to any situation, should give up their status and role as women. But, we are excellent in supportive and nurturing roles to men's pursuits, has been demonstrated throughout history, we also have stengths that allow us to stand alone, and contribute on our own merits, possibly for any real progress in our society. the condition that is still so far out of reach for most Asian women.

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Analyse : Jean Schumacher   Réalisation informatique : Boris Maroutaeff
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