EXERCISE: Connectors

Use one of the following connectors to patch up the text and obtain a coherent text.

for that matter / Thus / months ago / where / since / obviously / All the more so / since / In the meantime / in this case

Turkish Activist PART II

, she has been on hunger strike 14 July 2000. She is adamant on continuing this action until she is released and she repeatedly demands the right to choose a secret place she could stay in Belgium as she fears Turkish agents could be sent to kidnap her and possibly kill her. , she is thought by the Turkish state to be an accomplice of Adbullah Ocalan, head of the illegal Workers Party of Kurdistan, who was captured from Kenya and brought to prison in Turkey .

Erdal's lawyer warned , that , the Belgian state is following the Turkish antidemocratic policy of defining all communist activity as criminal activity. , she should be set free and granted political asylum.

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Analyse : Jean Schumacher   Réalisation informatique : Boris Maroutaeff
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