EXERCISE: Connectors

Use one of the following connectors to patch up the text and obtain a coherent text.

Quite obviously / also / Likewise / On top of this / consequently / following / In turn / Simultaneously /it might be sensible to / also

Brussels PART II

The European Union has banned meat imports from Argentina reports of foot-and-mouth disease in that country.

, the United States has banned all imports of meat and derived products from Europe. Livestock and meat products imported since February 21 have been put under quarantaine for analysis. , stringent measures have been taken at US airports. , EU representation in Washington claims to be surprised at the far-reaching measures. , Canada has banned the import of meat and other farming produce from Europe.

, foot-and-mouth panic is spreading though Europe and may trigger off huge economic disaster and start questioning the very agricultural methods that are being used.

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Analyse : Jean Schumacher   Réalisation informatique : Boris Maroutaeff
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