EXERCISE: Connectors

Use one of the following connectors to patch up the text and obtain a coherent text.

Meanwhile /also / Therefore / however / Not only / so far / but also / before / As a result / also

Brussels PART I

in Europe in other parts of the world, livestock trade and transportation are paralysed by foot-and-mouth disease. the European Veterinary Committee has banned the export of all livestock from France and fresh meat and dairy products from France's Mayenne department to other member states of trhe Union .

, the Belgian expert of the European Veterinary Committee pleaded on VRT television for the destruction of all sheep imported into Belgium from France during the past few weeks. The Ministry for Agriculture said this action would be premature. The expert criticised French authorities for waiting too long they intervened.

, strict border checks have been established at French borders. Police are patrolling secondary roads.

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