EXERCISE: Modal auxiliaries

A. When you are 20, health issues seem irrelevant, but you also initiate bad habits. That's why you start smoking or drinking. You adopt to healthy habits.

B. It be difficult to see a doctor, but you wait : it can ruin your life.

C. In some cases, your doctor recommend medecines or you need special tests. If he does, you go to hospital for an exam, and if there are any problems, you (only) to leave after signing a special paper.

D. If you go to Africa, some insects put you at risk. You get a shot first. It help prevent some diseases.

E. In July, when you are on the beach, you use sunscreen. Never forget that the sun be deadly. Didn't you tell me that last year, you go to the doctor after staying too long on the beach ?

F. Every three years, my mother have a mammogram. Last year, she had one, but she had doubts and she went at once. Anyway, that means that next year, she go for one, although she need more frequent testing.

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Analyse : Jean Schumacher   Réalisation informatique : Boris Maroutaeff
Dernière mise à jour : 13/09/2001