EXERCISE: Modal auxiliaries

1. A 23 year old Filipino student a crippling virus into cyberspace, causing world wide damage in e-mail systems.

2. Afghan women .... speak to men that are not relatives and ..... wear a special garment which covers them from head to toe.

3. Severe drought Brazil and Central America this year and cause serious problems for growers.

4. We somewhat relieved now that most victims have been rescued.

5. Unfortunately, the European Union buy up numerous products that farmers can’t trade by themselves.

6. Whenever there is a long lasting drought, tropical forest fires occur and cause irreparable harm to the fauna and flora.

7. After the earthquake, officials feared that outbreaks of cholera raise the already huge death toll.

8. Mass graves outside the stricken area as soon as possible to avoid further contamination.

9. The INS keep thinking that only the boy’s father decide about his son’s fate.

10. All I see was a dark blue Lincoln towncar racing round the corner of the street, the girl reported.

11. The athlete’s hopes of participating in the Olympic Games later this year shelved because of a severe knee injury.

12. They about safety problems before they launched their project.

13. The Green Line as a good film since most of the characters are well drawn and it is beautifully filmed.

14. There a competition between the spate of online universities and the old traditional long established schools in the months to come.

15. If the patient survives, he experience lifelong walking problems.

16. Two witnesses had seen him sunbathing in the park and there any confusion.

17. Look at our front garden now, you all these branches , it looks as if we have had a tornado now !

18. As the armed group was definitely anti-American, it a serious offence to speak English in front of them.

19. If you wish to change jobs, you so if you try hard enough.

20. The Constitution is clear about it; everybody, alien or child apply for asylum.

21. Snow Falling on Cedars is a good film but some reproach its slow poetic rhythm especially during the first half hour.

22. Saving the planet and endangered species is a hard task but we lose hope.

23. The doctor ask the patient why he had come, he saw his left arm had been severely burnt by the blast.

24. All you know is that there is no other way to do it properly

25. Interested candidates send their resumés and covering letters to the head of our Human Resources Department.

26. You really worry about a burnt pizza, just remove the cheese from the top and replace it with new cheese and a few herbs, and put it in the oven until the new cheese melts.

27. You soaked the noodles before adding them to the vegetable and chicken mixture, but now you can’t do anything about it.

28. I guess they arrived by now, as the plane took off on schedule.

29. You used non-stick baking parchment to turn out each cake more easily.

30. You to go to the library for me now, I still have lots of articles to browse through. Thank you for asking, anyway.

31. As soon as a herd has been infected with mad cow disease, all the cattle be taken for slaughter and incineration.

32. Environmental NGOs advocate higher water prices to encourage conservation of our most precious commodity : fresh water.

33. Of course, we damage our forests but up to 80 % of the wood harvested is used as fuel in developing countries, against 10 % for commercial forest industry.

34. At the forthcoming Expo 2000 in Hannover, global dialogues about Natural Resources to promote sustainable development.

35. be a doctor to help a car accident victim ?

36. If they to book a hotel by themselves, they wouldn’t have found any accommodation as it has all been booked for an international conference.

37. If he hadn’t helped me open the safe I call a handyman.

38. There are lots of prohibitions in the Japanese Constitution such as « Children .... be exploited » or « Freedom of thought and conscience .... not be violated ».

39. If the United States decide to go ahead with missile defence, the European reaction
addressed cautiously.

40. You fax the invoice as he had already settled the account a week ago.

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Analyse : Jean Schumacher   Réalisation informatique : Boris Maroutaeff
Dernière mise à jour : 11/02/2002