EXERCISE: Modal auxiliaries

1. to finish reading this book in time, or shall I give you another two weeks ?

2. As the road by demonstrators, you had better use the underground.

3. You to sleep on the ground if there is not enough room for all of you !

4. They kidding , no one has ever done this before !

5. tell me why you didn’t want to play tennis with her ?

6. What would you like to do next week ? We go to the seaside for a change !

7. - borrow your new CD of Offspring please ? I’d love to record it and listen to it in the car.
- Are you sure you will like the music ?

8. What else do Mrs. Radison ? If you’ve done that, could you clean the windows, please.

9. Before he went blind, my father spend hours reading in his armchair.

10. He learn English while he is unemployed: that way, he would not be wasting his time !

11. Your sister out of her mind, she came back at 6. 15 this morning, and she is on duty at hospital all week!

12. Your son is really clever, I was told he read and write when he was only five.

13. So far this student to write a proper letter of application. I can’t do it for him !

14. We carry any kind of drug when we’re travelling in Indonesia as one risks death penalty.

15. Children to go to bed very early when I was a child.

16. Please note that our honoured guests to check out before 12.00 noon or they will be charged for an extra night.

17. If I to find the answer, I would have asked the teacher to help me.

18. They to take swimming lessons before being allowed on the boat but were requested to wear their lifejackets at all times.

19.You take other people’s belongings without asking.

20.This is a no fly zone. Aeroplanes fly over this area.

21. Our neighbours have gone on holiday again, I can’t see their car !

22. We wake up at 6.00 am tomorrow morning if we want to catch the firs train to Amsterdam.

23. You go to the party but you must be back before midnight.

24. The maid have stolen your money - she knows perfectly well she would be fired on the spot !

25. He to sing, so why do you insist ? He will feel unhappy if he has to.

26. You have to tell him the truth about his condition, but it will not be an easy task.

27. They should to use the school premises to perform the play.

28. Did you do a lot of chores at home when you were young ?

29. We say goodbye now, she said with tearful eyes.

30. You serve a lamb curry with sweet-and-sour sauce !

31. They have destroyed all the evidence which proved that the witness was corrupt.

32. The 150th anniversary of Chopin celebrated in style in all Western European capitals last year.

33. If we had gone on with our video clip, some people it too shocking, he admitted.

34. You need all these add-ons, why not just take the plain model ?

35.You this Danish film on a Dutch channel.

36. Our crave for a return to Nature as a response to an increasingly dehumanised technological world.

37. Since the late Seventies this shop has been selling goods and delicacies that some Brits feel they live without on the continent.

38. Failure to put the right postage on will mean that your application back, thus delaying the whole procedure for you.

39. The hidden charm of this great school is that teachers do what they please as far as pedagogical novelties are concerned.

40. This time, we be in time for the concert, otherwise I’ll lose my job, her husband said.

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Analyse : Jean Schumacher   Réalisation informatique : Boris Maroutaeff
Dernière mise à jour : 11/02/2002