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Langue Grec
Auteur Dion Chrysostome
Références Sur l'opinion (discours 67), 5
Sujet A propos de l'homme qui regardait son ombre
Descripteurs homme; soleil; ombre, matin; midi; soir; heureux; triste;
Extrait Grec
[67,5] (Dion) ??? ??? a?t?? ?µ??a? ?t? µ?? ??p??t´ ??, ?t? d? ?a????. p??? µ?? 
 ?pe?d?? ?d? t?? s???? ??????? p??? µa????, t?? te ??pa??tt?? ?a? t?? ?? t??? 
te??es? p????? s?ed?? µe???, d???? ?t? ?a???? ?? ?? a?t?? ??ap???? ?e????? 
t??? ????da?? ?s?? ?a? e?? t?? ?????? ßad???? ?? ?a? e?? t? ??at?a ?a? 
pa?ta??se t?? p??e??, ?p?? ?? ?p? p??t?? ß??p??t?. pe?? d? p?????sa? 
?????? ?????t´ ?? s?????p?te???  a?t?? ????es?a? ?a? ??a??????. t?? d? 
µes?µß??a? a?s?????t´  ?? ?f???a? ?????p?? t??? ?a? ??d?? µ???? ?? 
????e?s?µe???,  ?pe?d?? ?? t??? p?s? ß??p? t?? s????? p???? d? pe?? de???? 
??a?aµß????  ?? a?t?? ?a? ?a???te??? fa????t´ ?? ?e? p??? ?sp??a?.

Traduction française
[67,5] (Dion) Yes, for on the same day sometimes he would be sad and sometimes 
happy. For instance, early in the day, when he saw his shadow at dawn very 
long, almost larger than the cypresses or the towers on the city walls, manifestly he 
would be happy, supposing himself to have suddenly grown to the size of the sons 
of Aloeus, and he would go striding into the market-place and the theatres and 
everywhere in the city to be observed by one and all. However, about the middle of 
the morning he would begin to grow more sad of countenance than he had been and 
would go back home. Then at noon he would be ashamed to be seen by anybody and 
would stay indoors, locking himself up, when he saw his shadow at his feet ; yet 
again, toward afternoon, he would begin to recover and would show himself ever 
more and more exultant toward evening.

Trad. anglaise : J.W. COHOON - H. Lamar CROSBY, Dio Chrysostom.  
Vol. V. London, Heinemann, 1951
Date : 20-12-2007

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