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Langue Grec
Auteur Dion Chrysostome
Références Sur Homère et sur Socrate (discours 55), 9
Sujet Homère et Socrate avaient les mêmes vues et parlaient des mêmes choses
Descripteurs Homère; Socrate; vice; vertu; actions; vérité; déceptions; opinions; savoir; sagesse;
Extrait Grec
(9) ?pe?ta ?pe?e?d?? ?t?se?? ???µ?t?? ?µ???? S????t?? te ?a? ?µ????. p??? 
d? t??t??? ?p?? t?? a?t?? ?sp??da??t?? ?a? ??e??t??, ? µ?? d?? t?? p???se??, 
? d? ?ata????d??? pe?? ??et?? ?????p?? ?a? ?a??a? ?a? pe?? ?µa?t?µ?t?? ?a? 
?at????µ?t?? ?a? pe??  ????e?a? ?a? ?p?t?? ?a? ?p?? d??????s?? ?? p????? 
?a? ?p?? ?p?sta?ta? ?? f????µ??. ?a? µ?? e???sa? ?a? pa?aßa?e?? ??a??tat?? 
Traduction française
(9) Again, both Socrates and Homer alike scorned the acquisition of wealth. Besides, 
they both were devoted to the same ends and spoke about the same things, the one 
through the medium of his verse, the other in prose—human virtue and vice, actions 
wrong and actions right, truth and deceit, and how the masses have only opinions, 
while the wise have true knowledge. Furthermore, they were most effective at 
making similes and comparisons.

Trad. anglaise : J.W. COHOON - H. Lamar CROSBY, Dio Chrysostom.  Vol. IV. 
London, Heinemann, 1946
Date : 13-12-2007

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