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Langue Grec
Auteur Dion Chrysostome
Références Au peuple de Tarse (discours 34), 33
Sujet Le gouvernant d'une cité ne craint pas la colère de la foule
Descripteurs cité; gouvernant; conseiller; colère; foule; promontoires; ports; mer; violence; éloges;
Extrait Grec
(33) ??? d? t?? s?µß?????  t?? ??a??? ?a? t?? ????? p??est??a? p??e?? 
f?µ? de?? p??? ?pa?ta µ?? ?p??? pa?es?e??s?a? t? d?????ta d?s?e??, 
µ???sta d? p??? t?? ???d???a? ?a? t?? t?? p?????? ?????, ?a? ta?? ???a??
 ?µ???? {e??a?} ta?? p????sa?? t??? ??µ??a?, a?t??e? ?pasa? ??d????ta? 
 t?? ß?a? t?? ?a??tt??, t? d? ??t?? ?????t?? ?a? ?a????? f???tt??s?, ???e???? 
{d?} ???e?s?a? t? d?µ?, ??? ????s???a? p?te ???? ??? ?a??? e?pe?? ??? ?t???? 
p???sa?, p?s?e?? d? µ?d?? ?p? t?? t????t?? ????ß??, µ?te ?? ?pa???ta?, d?? 
t??t? ?pa??es?a?, µ?te ?? ?ß???es?a? d???, tape????s?a?.
Traduction française
(33) But I say that the counsellor who is a good counsellor and fit to be leader of a 
city should be prepared to withstand absolutely all those things which are 
considered difficult or vexations, and especially the vilifications and the anger of the 
mob. Like the promontories that form our harbours, which receive the full violence 
of the sea but keep the inner waters calmn and peaceful, so he too should stand out 
against the violence of the people, whether they are inclined to burst into a rage or 
abuse him or take any measures whatever, and he should be wholly unaffected by 
such outbursts, and neither if they applaud him, should he on that account be elated, 
nor, if he feels he is being insulted, should he be depressed.

Trad. anglaise : J.W. COHOON - H. Lamar CROSBY, Dio Chrysostom.  
Vol. III. London, Heinemann, 1940
Date : 11-12-2007

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