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Langue Grec
Auteur Dion Chrysostome
Références Au peuple de Tarse (discours 33), 28
Sujet D'où vient la prospérité d'une cité ?
Descripteurs prospérité; cité; ville; sobriété; sens commun; myrrhe; sagesse; richesses; trésors; machines de guerre; herbes parfumées; Inde; Arabie;
Extrait Grec
(28) µ? ??? ??es?e t??? ?????? µ?d? t?? ??ep??e?? ?a? t?? ???a? µ??a??? 
??t?? ??at??pe?? ?? t??f??, e?te ??d?a ß???eta? t?? pept???ta ?de??
 e?te p????. ?? p?taµ?? ?st?? ??d? ped??? ??d? ??µ?? ? p???? e?da?µ??a p???? 
??d? ???µ?t?? p????? ??d? ????d?µ?µ?t?? ??d? ??sa???? ?e??, ??? ??d?? 
p??s??e? t? da?µ?????? ??d´ ?? e?? t?? p??e?? t???? µetaf???s? t? ??? ?a? t?? 
p?t?a? ??? p???? ta?a?p????  ?a? p????? ?a? µ?????? ??a??µas??? ???? 
s?f??s??? ?a? ???? ?st? t? s????ta. ta?ta p??e? t??? ???µ????? µa?a?????,
 ta?ta t??? ?e??? p??sf??e??, ???? ??ßa??t?? ??d? sµ???a? p??e?;  ??d? ???a? ?a? 
d????a d??d??? ??d? t? ??d?? ?a? ???ß?? f???a?a.
Traduction française
(28) For think not that rams and siege-towers  and the other engines of war are as 
ruinous as luxury, whether it is a man whom one wishes to see prostrate or a city. 
No, it is not river or plain or harbour that makes a city prosperous, nor quantity of 
riches or multitude of houses or treasuries of the gods—objects to which deity pays 
no heed—nay, not even if some people do transport to their cities the mountains and 
rocks  at the cost of great physical pain and labour and untold expense, does that 
bring happiness; instead it is sobriety and common sense that save. These make 
blessed those who employ them ; these make men dear to the gods, not frankincense 
or myrrh, God knows, nor roots and gum of trees or the fragrant herbs of India and 

Trad. anglaise : J.W. COHOON - H. Lamar CROSBY, Dio Chrysostom.  
Vol. III. London, Heinemann, 1940
Date : 06-12-2007

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