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Langue Grec
Auteur Dion Chrysostome
Références Sur la retraite (discours 20), 25
Sujet A propos d'oeufs et de chevaux engendrés par le vent
Descripteurs oeufs; chevaux; Homère; engendrer; vent; souffle; Troie;
Extrait Grec
[20,25] ?a? ?st?? ?µ????, ?spe? ?µ?? d??e?, t? t????t?? ?p??eµ???? 
 ?e???µas??. fas? ??? d? ?? ????es?a? ??t?? ??e? s????s?a? 
 te ?a? µ??e?? ???e???, ? ?a???s?? ?p???µ?a, ?? ?p´ ???µ?
 p??spes??t? ?????µe?a. ??e? d? ?a? ?µ????, ?µ?? d??e??, ???
 ?d??at?? ???s?µe??? ??d? ?p??a??? t??? ?????p??? fa???a?
 ?pp?? ?p???µ??? ?????, t?? ?????? ?f? ??as???ta ??????? t????
 ?pp?? ?µp??sa? te a?t?? ????? ?a? ????? ?pp?? ?? a?t?? ?e??s?a?.
Traduction française
[20,25] And this sort of thing, in my opinion [Dion Chrys.] , is just like wind-begotten 
products of generation. For they do indeed say that some eggs are produced in this 
way without the intercourse and impregnation of the male seed, and they are called 
wind-eggs as if begotten by a gust of wind. And this is the reason, as it seems to me, 
why even Homer, in the belief that it was not impossible or incredible that a 
wind-begotten breed of horses should have appeared to men, said that the North 
Wind, becoming enamoured of some Trojan mares, impregnated them with his seed 
so that a breed of horses came from them.

Trad. anglaise : J.W. COHOON - H. Lamar CROSBY, Dio Chrysostom.  
Vol. II. London, Heinemann, 1939
Date : 04-12-2007

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