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Langue Grec
Auteur Dion Chrysostome
Références Sur la royauté (discours IV), 55
Sujet Alexandre le Grand à Diogène : Quel ennemi me reste-t-il si je conquière le monde entier ?
Descripteurs Alexandre le Grand; Diogène; Connais-toi toi-même; ennemi;
Extrait Grec
[4,55] ?a? t??, e?pe?, ?t? µ?? ?ata?e?peta? p???µ???, ??? ??? t??t??? ??? e?p??;
 ? p??t??, ?f?, d?sµa??tat??, ?? pe?s????, ?? µ?d???? t? f???, ?a??pe? 
??µa? ?a?e???, ???? µa?ed?????? te ?a? ?????????. ?a? ?? ?ta????? te ?a? 
?????ase? µ? t??a ?p?sta?t? ?? ?a?ed???? ? (56) ?? t? ????d? 
pa?as?e?a??µe??? ?? p??eµ?s??ta ?a? ??et?, ??? ??t?? ?st?? ?µ?? p???µ??? ?? 
t? ????d? ? ?a?ed????; S?, ?f?, ????e??, p??t?? µ???sta ?????s?e?? ???µe???; 
?pe?ta, ?f?, ??? ??e?? a?t??, ???? ????e??; ???a? ???, e?pe, ????, s? d? ???
 ????e??, ?t? s? a?t? µ???sta ????st?? e? ?a? p??eµ??tat??, µ???? ?? ?? ?a??? 
?a? ????t??. ?a? ??t??, ?f?, ?st?? ????, ?? s? (57) ????e??, ?? ??d??a ?????. 
??de?? ??? t?? ?f????? ?a? p?????? ?p?stata? ?a?t??. ?? ??? ?? t??t? 
p??t?? p??s?tatte? ? ?p?????(58)  ?? ?a?ep?tat?? ???st?, ????a? ?a?t??.
Traduction française
[4,55] "And what enemy have I still left," said he [Alexander] , "if I capture those 
peoples I have mentioned ? " "The most difficult of all to conquer," he [Diogenes]  
answered, "one who does not speak Persian or Median as Darius does, I presume, 
but Macedonian and Greek." At this Alexander was troubled and sore distressed for 
fear the other knew of someone in Macedonia or Greece who was preparing to make 
war on him, and asked, "Who is this enemy of mine in Greece or Macedonia ?
"Why, do you not know," said he, "you who think that you know more than anyone 
else ? " "In that case will you please tell me? " he asked; "do not conceal it." "I have 
been trying to tell you for a long time, but you do not hear that you are yourself your 
own bitterest foe and adversary as long as you are bad and foolish. And this is the 
man of whom you are more ignorant than of any other person. For no foolish and 
evil man knows himself; else Apollo would not have given as the first 
commandment, ` Know thyself! ' regarding it as the most difficult thing for every 

Trad. anglaise : J.W. COHOON - H. Lamar CROSBY, Dio Chrysostom.  
Vol. I. London, Heinemann, 1932
Date : 29-11-2007

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