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Langue Grec
Auteur Dion Chrysostome
Références Sur la royauté (discours III) , 90
Sujet A propos de biens (possessions), nécessaires et utiles - ou non - qui font plaisir
Descripteurs biens; possessions; fortifications; armes; machines; troupes; résidences; statues; peintures; coupes; robes; parfum; ivoire; ambre; filles; garçons;
Extrait Grec
?a? t????? ?sa µ?? ??a??a?a ?a? ???s?µa t?? ?t?µ?t??,  ?? p??t?? ?d???? 
t??a ??e? t??? ?e?t?µ?????? ?sa d? te?p??, ??? e???? d?? t??t? ?a? s?µf????ta? 
t???a?t??? ??? (92) p???? t?? ?d??? ???µf??a ??e????eta?. a?t??a te??? µ?? 
?a? ?p?a ?a? µ??a??µata ?a? st?at?peda t?? ??a??a??? ?st? ?t?µ?t?? 
 t??? ??at??s??? ??e? ??? t??t?? ??? ???? te s??es?a? t?? ?????? 
(93) t????? d? ??? ??? p??a? d??a ?e t?? ?fe?e?a? ??e?. ?a?? d? ??s? ?a? ????a? 
p???te?e?? ?a? ??d????te? ?a? ??afa? t?? pa?a??? te ?a? ???a? t????? ?a? 
???s?? ??at??e? ?a? p?????a? t??pe?a? ?a? p??f??a ?a? ???fa? ?a? ??e?t??? 
?a? µ???? ?sµa? ?a? ?eaµ?t?? pa?t???? ?a? ????sµ?t?? t???e?? d?? te f????
 ?a? ???????, {p??? d? a? t??t??? ???a??e? ??a?a? ?a? pa?d??? ??a?a} 
 ??µpa?ta ta?ta ??deµ??? ??e?a ??e?a?, ???´ ?d???? e???µ??a fa??eta?.
Traduction française
[3,90] Once more, necessary and useful possessions donot in all cases afford their 
owner some pleasure, nor does it follow that because a thing is pleasing it is 
also profitable. On the contrary, many pleasant things prove to be unprofitable. 
Fortifications, for example, arms, engines, and troops are possessions necessary for a 
ruler, since without them his authority cannot be maintained, but I do not see what 
gratification they afford—at least, apart fom their utility ; and on the other hand, 
beautiful parks, costly residences, statues, paintings in the exquisite early style, 
golden bowls, inlaid tables, purple robes, ivory, amber, perfumes, everything to 
delight the eye, delightful music, both vocal and instrumental, and besides these, 
beautiful maidens and handsome boys —all these evidently subserve no useful 
purpose whatever, but are obviously the inventions of pleasure.

Trad. anglaise : J.W. COHOON - H. Lamar CROSBY, Dio Chrysostom.  
Vol. I. London, Heinemann, 1932
Date : 28-11-2007

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