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Langue Grec
Auteur Dion Chysostome
Références Sur la royauté (discours III) , 70
Sujet Comparaison entre les occupations faites pour les hommes et celles pour les femmes
Descripteurs hommes; femmes; occupations; travaux; armée, tâches ménagères; Sardanapale;
Extrait Grec
[3,70] ?a? µ?? t?? ?e ?????p?? p?? ?? ?µ?????se?e? ?? ?s????te???  ?a? 
??eµ?????te??? ???? ???a????. ???´ ??e??a?? µ?? t? p???? t?? ????? ?at´ 
????a? ?st?, ?a? ?pe???? µ?? ?? t? p??? ?e?µ???? d?ate???s??, ?pe????
(71) d? p???µ??, ?pe???? d? ???d????. t??? d? ??d??s? p??s??e? µ?? 
st?ate?es?a?, p??s??e? d? ?a?t???a? {p??s??e? d? p?e??}, ?????? d?
 ?? ?pa???? t? ???a d?ap??e??. ???´ ?? d?? t??t? µ????? ?? t??
(72) µa?a??se?e t?? ??d??? t?? ???a??a?. ?s?? d´ a? d?´ ?s???e??? te ?a?
 µa?a??a? ?????sa? t?? ??e???? ß???, ?spe? Sa?da??pa????, d?aß??t??
 µ???? ??? e?s?? ?p? t??? a?s?????.
Traduction française
[3,70] Then compare the lots of man and woman. Now everyone would admit that 
man is stronger than woman and more fitted to lead. Consequently, to her falls the 
larger share of the household tasks, and, for the most part, she remains unacquainted 
with storms and wars, unacquainted with dangers in general; while it is the man's 
part, on the other hand, to serve in the army, to sail the sea, and to do the hard 
outdoor work. Yet no one would on that account deem women happier than men. 
Nay, every man whose weakness and lack of virility have led him to emulate their 
life, as Sardanapallus did, is to this day branded with the shame of it.

Trad. anglaise : J.W. COHOON - H. Lamar CROSBY, Dio Chrysostom.  
Vol. I. London, Heinemann, 1932
Date : 28-11-2007

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