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Langue Grec
Auteur Dion Chrysostome
Références Sur la royauté (discours II) , 6-7
Sujet Alexandre le Grand à son père : La poésie d'Homère est la seule qui convienne à un roi
Descripteurs Alexandre le Grand; Philippe de Macédoine; Homère;
Extrait Grec
(6) t?? d? ?e ?µ???? p???s?? µ???? ??? t? ??t? ?e??a?a? ?a? µe?a??p?ep? 
 ?a? ßas??????, ? p??pe? t?? ???? p??s??e?? ??d?a µ???sta µ?? ???e?? 
µ?????ta t?? ?p?? p?t? ?????p??, e? d? µ?, t?? p?e?st?? ?a? fa?e??t?t??, 
?te???? ?e ?s?µe??? ?at´ ??e???? p??µ??a ?a??. ? p?? ??? ?t?p?? ?pp? µ?? 
µ? ????e?? ? t? ???st? ???s?a? t?? ßas???a, t?? d? p???t?? ?a? t??? ?tt?s?? 
(7) ?spe? s????? ????ta; e? ?s??, ?f?, ? p?te?, ??? ?? µ???? p???t?? ?te???, 
???´ ??d? µ?t??? ???? ? t? ?µ???? ????? ?????? ?????µa?.
Traduction française
The poetry of Homer, however, I look upon as alone truly noble and lofty and suited 
to a king, worthy of the attention of a real man, particularly if he expects to rule over 
all the peoples of the earth—or at any rate over most of them, and those the most 
prominent —if he is to be, in the strict sense of the term, what Homer calls a ` 
shepherd of the people.'  Or would it not be absurd for a king to refuse to use any 
horse but the best and yet, when it is a question of poets, to read the poorer ones as 
though he had nothingelse to do ? On my word, father, I not only cannot endure to 
hear any other poet recited but Homer, but even object to any other metre than 
Homer's heroic hexameter."

Trad. anglaise : J.W. COHOON - H. Lamar CROSBY, Dio Chrysostom.  
Vol. I. London, Heinemann, 1932
Date : 19-11-2007

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