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Langue Grec
Auteur Dion Chrysostome
Références Sur Troie (discours XI), 140-142 [traduction anglaise]
Sujet Une autre version du départ d'Énéé de Troie pour aller fonder un empire en Italie
Descripteurs Énée; Hector; Troie, Italie; Priam; Asie; royaume; empire; Europe;
Extrait Grec
[11,140] t?? d? ??t??? fas??, ?? ?p?p?e?sa? ?? ??a???, p????? p?????? 
e?? t?? p???? s??e??????t?? ?a? µ?d? t?? ?p??????? ?p???a? ß????µ???? 
?p??t??, ?t? d? ????ta t?? ???e?a? ??? ??e??µe???, e? µ? µ???? ??ß??
 t?? ?????? ta?ta ??? ?p?s??s?a? t?? ???aµ?? a?t? d?ap??eµ?sa?t? t?? 
p??eµ?? ?a? ??ßa???t? t??? ??a????? ??t? d? t?? ?p????a? ste??a? ???µ?t?? te 
?? fe?s?µe??? ?a? p????? ?p?s?? a?t?? ?ß???et? p?µ?a?ta µet? p?s?? 
p????µ?a?. (141) ???e?? d? a?t?? ?? ????? µ?? e?? ßas??e?e?? ?a? µ?d?? 
?atadeest??a? ????? ??e?? t?? a?t??, p??s??e?? d? µ????? ?t??a? ?t?sas?a? 
???? e??a? ??? ??? ?d??at?? p?s?? ??at?sa? t?? ????p??? t??t?? d? ??t??
 ?e??µ???? ??p?da? ??e?? t??? ?p´ a?t?? ???e?? ??at??a? t??  ?pe????, ?f´ 
?s?? ?? s???ta? t? ?????. (142) ta?ta d? ??????t?? ??t???? ???s?a? t?? 
???e?a?, t? µ?? ??e??? ?a????µe???, t? d? ??p????ta µe?????? te??es?a?? ??t?? 
d? t?? ?p????a? ?e??s?a? ?p? ?s???? ?a? f????µat?? ?p? te ?????p?? 
e?t?????t?? pa?a???µ? te d??????a? ?a? e?? a????.
Traduction française
[11,140] The story goes that after the Achaeans sailed away there was a great 
multitude assembled in the city, and that the allies were not all inclined to 
depart, and that, further, Hector discovered that Aeneas would not be satisfied if he 
did not get some share in the royal power, as Priam had promised him, so he 
claimed, if he saw the war through to the end and expelled the Achaeans ; so Hector 
sent the colonists forth, generously supplying means and despatching with Aeneas 
as large a force as he wished, with all goodwill. He assured Aeneas that he was fully 
entitled to reign and have an authority no whit inferior to his own, but that it was 
better for him to get another country ; because it was not impossible for Aeneas to 
become master of all Europe, and in that event he had hopes that their descendants 
would be rulers of both continents as long as their race endured. Accordingly, 
Aeneas adopted the suggestion of Hector, partly to please him, partly because he 
hoped to achieve greater things. So thanks to vigour and spirit the colony 
became an actuality and under the guidance of fortune's favourites was a power at 
once and in future times.

Trad. anglaise : J.W. COHOON - H. Lamar CROSBY, Dio Chrysostom.  
Vol. I. London, Heinemann, 1932
Date : 13-11-2007

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