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Langue Grec
Auteur Dion Chrysostome
Références Discours aux Alexandrins, XXXII, 101
Sujet A propos du musicen égyptien qui jouait aux oreilles d'un âne
Descripteurs musicien; âne; jouer; chanter; tyran;
Extrait Grec
???? ??? d?d???a µ? ??µ?? s?µß?ß??e? ? fas?? ????pt??? t??? t?? sf?d?a 
???a??? µ??s???. ??e??? ??? t? da?µ????? p?te p??e?pe?? ?a?´ ?p??? ?? e?? 
???? ?ta ?seta?. ?a? d? t?? µ?? ????? ?????? ?? p??se??e? ??d? ?f???t??e t?? 
??e??at??, ?? ??de??? ??t??. ?pe? d? ? t??a???? t?? S???? ??e? e?? ??µf??, 
??p??tt?µ???? a?t?? t?? ????pt??? ????ese?. ?pede????t? ??? p?s? 
p????µ?? ?a? t????ß?ste?a t?? t?????? ? d?, ?? ??? ?? ?? s??es?? µ??s????, 
????e?e pa?sas?a? a?t?? ?t?µ?sa?. ? d? ??aµ??s?e?? ??e???? t?? ??e??at??, 
???t´ ?? ??a, ?f?, t? e?? ???? ?ta ?de??. ? d? t??a???? ????sa? t?? ??µ????? 
??a ??e?e? ?de? ?a? ?µast???? t?? ??d?a, ?a? t??t? p???µ?? ?????s?? a?t??? 
Traduction française
But enough of this, for I fear that I too have had the experience that they say befell a 
certain Egyptian, a musician of the very early school. Forthe story goes that the deity 
once told that musician in a dream that he was destined to sing into an ass's ears. 
And for a while he paid no heed and gave no thought to the dream, as being a matter 
of no consequence. But when the tyrant of Syria came to Memphis, since the 
Egyptians admired the artist greatly, he summoned him. So the musician gave a 
performance with all zest and displayed the more intricate phases of his art ; but the 
tyrant—for he had no appreciation of music—bade him cease and treated him with 
disdain. And the musician, recalling that forgotten dream, exclaimed, " So that was 
the meaning of the saying, ` to sing into an ass's ears'. And the tyrant, having heard 
from his interpreters what the musician had said, bound and flogged the man, and 
this incident, they say, was the occasion of a war.

Trad. anglaise : J.W. COHOON - H. Lamar CROSBY, Dio Chrysostom. 
Vol. III. London, Heinemann, 1940
Date : 24-10-2007

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