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Langue Grec
Auteur Denys d'Halicarnasse
Références Les Antiquités romaines, XIII, 11
Sujet Des produits inconnus (vin, huile, fruits) sont à la base de l'invasion de l'Italie par les Gaulois vers 390 av. J.-Chr.
Descripteurs vin; huile; fruits; Gaulois; invasion;
Extrait Grec
[13,11] ?? d? ?e?t?? ??te ????? ?µp?????? e?d?te?  t????a?ta ??te ??a???, ???? a? 
pa?´ ?µ?? ??a?a? f????s??, ???´ ???? µ?? ???µe??? ?????? sape?s?? ??
 ?dat? ???? d?s?de?, ??a?? d? s?e?? st?at? pepa?a??µ???  t?? te ?dµ?? ?a? t?? 
?e?s?? ?t?p?, t?te  d?  p??t?? ?p??a?sa?te? ?? ??p? ??e?sa?t? ?a?p??,
 ?a?µast?? ?sa? ?f´ ???st? ???µßa??? ?d???? ?a? t?? ????? ???t??, p?? te 
???eta? t??t?? ??ast?? ?a? pa?? t?s?? ?????p???. ? d? ???????? p??? a?t??? 
f?s??, ?t? ?? µ?? ?st?? ? t??t??? ??f????sa t??? ?a?p??? p???? ?a? ??a??, 
??µ??ta? d? a?t?? ?????? t???? ?????p?? ?a? t? e?? p??eµ?? ??d?? ?µe????? 
 ???a????, ?p??et? te a?t??? µ? d?´ ???? a?t? pa?´ ?t???? ?t? ?aµß??e??, ???´ 
??ßa???ta? t??? t?te ??????? ?? ???e?a ?a?p??s?a?. t??t??? d? t??? ??????
 ?? ?e?t?? pe???µe??? ????? e?? ?ta??a? ?a? ????????  t??? ?a???µ????? 
????s?????, ??e? ?? ?a? ? pe?sa? a?t??? p??eµe??.
Traduction française
[13,11] The Gauls at that time had no knowledge either of wine made from grapes 
or of oils such as is produced by our olive trees, but used for wine a foul-smelling 
liquor made from barley rotted in water, and for oil, stale lard, disgusting both in 
small and taste. On that occasion, accordingly, when for the first time they enjoyed 
fruits which they had never before tasted, they got wonderful pleasure out of each; 
and they asked the stranger how each of these articles was produced and among 
what men.  The Tyrrhenian told them that the country producing these fruits was 
large and fertile and that it was inhabited by only a few people, who were no better 
than women when it came to warfare; and he advised them to get these products no 
longer by purchase from others, but to drive out the present owners and enjoy the 
fruits as their own. Persuaded by these words, the Gauls came into Italy and to the 
Tyrrhenians known as the Clusians, from whence had come the man who had 
persuaded them to make war.

Trad. : "The text on this website is the English translation by Earnest Cary 
in the Loeb Classical Library, 7 volumes, Greek texts and facing English translation:
Harvard University Press, 1937 thru 1950".
Date : 07-05-2007

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