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Langue Grec
Auteur Denys d'Halicarnasse
Références Les Antiquités romaines, XIII, 7
Sujet Les oies du Capitole (vers 390 av. J.-Chr.)
Descripteurs oies; Capitole; Gaulois; invasion; Romme; sac;
Extrait Grec
[13,7] ?t? d´ ??? p????????µ???? t?? ??  t?  ?ap?t???? ?ataf????t?? ???? t?? 
?p? t?? ???e?ta???  p??e?? ?p? ??µa??? peµf?e?? e?? t??? ?? t? ?ap?t???? 
?a? ?a??? t??? a?t??? f???ss??ta? ?e?t???  ?????? te ?a? e?p??, ?sa ?de?, 
p???? ?p? ???ta ?p??????. ?? d? ?µ??a ????et?, t?? ?e?t?? t?? ?d??
 t? ???? ???e? p??? t?? ßas???a, ? d? s???a??sa? t??? ??d?e??t?t??? ?d???se? 
a?t??? t?? t?? ??µa??? ???d??? ?pe?t´ a?t??? ????? t?? a?t?? ??e??? 
pa?as??µ?????  t??µa? pe???s?a? t?? ?p? t? f??????? ??aß?se??,  p????? 
?p?s????µe??? t??? ??aß?s? d??e??. ?µ?????s??t?? d? s????? pa????e??e 
t??? f??a??? ?s???a? ??e??, ??a ?a?e?de?? a?t??? ?p??aß??te? ?? ??µa??? ?a? 
a?t?? p??? ?p??? t??p??ta?. ?d?  d? t?? p??t?? ??aßeß???t?? ?a? t??? 
?ste?????ta? ??ade??µ????, ??a p?e???? ?e??µe??? t?te ?p?sf???s? t??? ?? 
ta?? f??a?a?? ?a? ?ata??ß??ta? t? ???µa, ?????p?? µ?? ??de?? ?µa?e?, ?e??? 
d? t??e? ??a? ???e? ?? t? teµ??e? t?ef?µe??? ?ataß???te? ?µa ?a? t??? 
ßa?ß????? ?µ?se ??????te? ?at?????? ?????ta? t?? ?a???. ?? d? t??t?? ta?a?? 
te ?a? ??a??? ?a? {?} d??µ?? ?p??t?? ?? pa?a?a????t?? ???????? ?p?
 t? ?p?a, ?a? ?? ?e?t?? d? p?e???? ?d? ?e????te? ??????? ??d?t???.
Traduction française
[13,7] (p249) While those who had taken refuge on the Capitol were still being 
besieged, a youth who had been sent by the Romans from Veii to those on the 
Capitol and had escaped the notice of the Gauls who were on guard there, went 
up, delivered his message, and departed again by night. When it was day, one 
of the Gauls saw his tracks and reported it to the king, who called together the 
bravest of his men and showed them where the Roman had gone up, then asked 
them to display the same bravery as the Roman and attempt to ascend to the citadel, 
promising many gifts to those who should make the ascent. When many undertook 
to do so, he commanded the guards to remain quiet, in order that the Romans, 
supposing them to be asleep, might themselves turn to sleep. When the first men had 
now ascended and were waiting for those who lagged behind, in order that when 
their numbers were increased they might then slay the garrison and capture the 
stronghold, no mortal became aware of it; but some sacred geese of Juno which were 
being raised in the sanctuary, by making a clamour and at the same time rushing at 
the barbarians, gave notice of the peril. Thereupon there was confusion, shouting and 
rushing about on the part of all as they encouraged one another to take up arms; and 
the Gauls, whose numbers were now increased, advanced further inside.

Trad. : "The text on this website is the English translation by Earnest Cary 
in the Loeb Classical Library, 7 volumes, Greek texts and facing English translation:
Harvard University Press, 1937 thru 1950".
Date : 07-05-2007

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