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Langue Grec
Auteur Dion Chrysostome
Références Sur la loi (discours 75) , 2
Sujet La loi est la reine des hommes et des dieux
Descripteurs loi; dieux; hommes; victime; injustice;
Extrait Grec
?? µ???? d? s?µf??e? t??? ???t???, ???? ?a? t??? ?e???. ? ???? ??sµ?? ?e? t?? 
a?t?? ??µ?? ?????t?? f???tte? ?a? t?? a?????? ??d?? ?? pa?aßa?? t??t??. 
??e? ??µa? ?a? ßas??e?? e???t?? ?????p?? ?a? ?e?? ?????ta?, t?? µ?? ß?a?
?ata????, t?? d? ?ß??? ?a?a????, t?? d? ????a? s?f???????, t?? d? ?a??a? 
???????, ?d?? d? ?a? ????? p??ta? t??? de?µ????? ?fe???, t??? µ?? 
?d????µ????? ß?????, t??? d? ?p????µ????? pe?? t???? µ????? t? d???.
Traduction française
But the law is of advantage not only to mortals, but to the gods as well. At any rate 
the universe always preserves the same law inviolate, and nothing which is eternal 
may transgress it. It is for that reason, methinks, that the law has appropriately 
(p243) been called "king of men and gods";  for law does away with violence, puts 
down insolence, reproves folly, chastises wickedness, and in private and public 
relations helps all who are in need, succouring the victims of injustice, and to those 
who are perplexed about a course of action making known what is their duty.

Trad. anglaise : J.W. COHOON - H. Lamar CROSBY, Dio Chrysostom. 
London, Heinemann, 1932
Date : 21-01-2009

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