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Langue Grec
Auteur Dion Chrysostome
Références Sur le philosophe (discours 71), 8
Sujet Le philosophe ne doit pas être supérieur en tout aux autres hommes
Descripteurs philosophe; supérieur; peintre; athlète; musicien; physicien; arithmétique; agriculteur; boucher;
Extrait Grec
?????? ?? t??t?? d???? ?t? de? f????se?? ?a? ??et?? ?a? p??? ? ?p?sta?ta? ?? 
?????p?? ?a? p??? ? ??? ?p?sta?ta?? ?a? ??t?? ?? ?pa?ta d?af???? p??t?? ? 
s?f???, ???? ??? e??a? t?? f???s?f??, ?a? p???? t? t??t?? ?a? µ? p????, ??? 
?p?s??? p??? ?at? t?? t?????. ?? d? t?? ?????f?? ????e? ??e?tt?? ??? ?? 
?????f??, ? t?? ?at??? ?µe???? ?e?ape?se? {?at? t?? ?at?????} ??? ?? ?at???, 
? t?? µ??s???? µ??s???te??? ?seta? ??? ?? ?µpe???? µ??s???? ? µet???? 
?µpe???? ?e?????, ? t?? ????µ?t???? pe?? t??? ????µ??? ? t?? ?e?µet??? 
?µpe???te??? fa?e?ta? pe?? ?e?µet??a? ? pe?? f?te?a? t?? ?e????? ? pe?? 
??ße???t???? t?? ??ße???t??, ? sf??e? ??tt?? t?? µa?e???? ? d?e?e? d??? 
d?e?e?? t?? a?t? t??t? ????? pep???µ????, ?? ??? d?a??e?s?a?.
Traduction française
From these illustrations, therefore, it is evident that there is need of wisdom and 
virtue as applied both to what men know and also to what they do not know; and 
thus it is that the prudent man, such as the philosopher should be, would in 
everything be superior to all the world, whether in doing any of these things or in 
not doing, no matter how he performs according to the standards of the craft. But 
that he will paint better than the painter when not himself a painter; or that he will 
tend the sick better than the physician, as measured by the standards of art, when 
himself not a physician; or that he will sing more musically than the musicians when 
unacquainted with the art of music or only slightly acquainted; or that he will show 
himself better versed than the arithmeticians in the theory of numbers, or than the 
surveyors in surveying, or than the farmers in planting, or than the pilots in piloting; 
or that he will slaughter an animal more expeditiously than the butchers, or, should 
it be necessary to cut it up, do so more expeditiously than those who have made this 
very thing their profession — such things are not to be expected.

Trad. anglaise : J.W. COHOON - H. Lamar CROSBY, Dio Chrysostom. 
London, Heinemann, 1932
Date : 14-01-2009

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