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Langue Grec
Auteur Dion Chrysostome
Références Discours à Pruse (discours XLVII), par. 24
Sujet A quels faits reconnaît-on un tyran ?
Descripteurs tyran; Sémiramis; actes; faits; femmes;
Extrait Grec
(47,24) ??? ??? ?p?staµa? t?? t??????? ???a t??a?ta, µ???e?e?? ???a??a?
????t??a? ?a? d?af?e??e?? pa?da?, ?????p??? ??e??????? t?pte??
?a? a????es?a? p??t?? ????t??, t??? d? ?a? st?eß????, ????
e?? ????ta ??ß?ta ?a????ta?, ?????? d? ?atap?tt???ta?? ?? ??d??
??? p???? ?t??a? d? ???a??a t??a???? Seµ??aµ??, ?t? p?esß?t??a
t?? ?????a? ??sa ?a? µ????? ?????a?e s??????es?a? t??a? ?a?t?.
t?? d? t??????? ??a ?????a ta?ta p?????ta, p?esß?t?? ??as??.
Traduction française
For according to my understanding tyrant's acts are like the following: seduction of 
married women and ruining of boys, beating and maltreating free men in the sight of 
all, sometimes even subjecting men to torture, as, for example, plunging them into a 
seething cauldron, and at other times administering a coat of tar; but I do naught of 
this. Furthermore, I know regarding a female tyrant, Semiramis,  that, being 
advanced in years and lustful, she used to force men to lie with (p271) her. And of 
male tyrants I have heard it said that so-and-so did the same thing, outrageous old 

Trad. anglaise : J.W. COHOON - H. Lamar CROSBY, Dio Chrysostom. London, Heinemann, 1932   
Date : 06-01-2009

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