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Langue Grec
Auteur Dion Chrysostome
Références Sur la convoitise (discours XVII), par. 22
Sujet Crésus le Lydien : Prenez tout l'or que vous voulez...
Descripteurs Crésus; Lydien; or; emporter; ridicule; poitrine; tête; bouche; convoitise;
Extrait Grec
d??e? d? ?a? ????s?? ?a??? ? ??d??, t?? ?p??st?a? t?? ?????p?? 
?????a? ß????µe???, e?? t??? ??sa????? e?sa?a??? t??a? t?s??t? ???s??? 
a?t??? ?p?t??pe?? ??e?e??e?? ?s?? ??ast?? ?? d???ta? t? s?µat?. t??? ??? 
p?????? ?? µ???? t?? ???p?? ?µp??sa?ta?, ???? ?a? t? ?efa?? t?? ???µat?? 
??f??e?? ?a? t? st?µat?, ?a? µ???? p??e?es?a? p??? ?e?????? ?a? 
d?est?aµµ?????.??t?? ??? ?a? ?at? t?? ß??? p??e?es?a? t??a? ?s??µ?????ta? 
?p?t?? p?e??e??a? ?a? ?ata?e??st??? ??ta?.
Traduction française
I think, too, that Croesus the Lydian, when he wanted to expose the insatiable 
greed of men, did this admirably. He conducted a group of men into his treasure-
house and permitted them to take away just as much gold as each man could carry on 
his person. For we see that most of them not only filled the bosoms of their clothing, 
but carried away some of the dust upon their heads and in their mouths and that they 
could scarcely walk, cutting a ridiculous figure, all twisted out of shape as they were. 
In life also, methinks, certain men walk along in an unseemly posture and cut a 
ridiculous figure on account of their greed. 

Trad. anglaise : J.W. COHOON - H. Lamar CROSBY, Dio Chrysostom. 
Vol. II. London, Heinemann, 1939
Date : 08-12-2008

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