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Langue Grec
Auteur Dion Chrysostome
Références Discours Eubéen ou Le chasseur (discours IX), par. 92-93
Sujet A propos d'un homme pauvre au caractère trempé et à l'hospitalité appropriée
Descripteurs homme pauvre; santé; maladie; cadeaux; Hélène; Télémaque; Ménélas; coupes en argent;
Extrait Grec
(7,92) ??d?? d? p???t? µ? fa??? t?? f?s?? ???e? t? pa???ta ?a? t? s?µa 
µet???? ?s?e??sa?t?, t????t?? p?t? ??s?µat?? ??µß??t?? ???pe? e???e 
????es?a? t??? ??? ?????? ???st?te ?µp?µp?aµ?????, ??a?t?sas?a?, ?a? ?????? 
?????s? d???a? p??sf??? ????a, ????? ?p???a? pa?´ ????t?? d?d?µe?a ???p??, 
??? ?s?? ???????? ??at??a? ? p???????? p?p???? ? t????pp??, 
(7,93) t? ?????? ?a? ?e???e? ???eµ??? d??a. ??d? ??? t????t??? ?p?d?????t´
??, ?? e????, ??????, sat??pa? ? ßas???a?, e? µ? ?e p??? s?f???a? ?a? 
??a????, ??? ??d?? ??de?? µet? f???a? ?????µe???. ?????st??? d? ?a? 
t??a??????? ??t´ ?? ??µa? d??a??t? ?e?ape?e?? ??a??? ?????? ??t´ ?? ?s?? 
p??sd????t? t??a?t?? ?e??a?.
Traduction française
A poor man, if he be of strong character, finds the little that he has sufficient both to 
enable him to regain his health when his body has been attacked by an illness not too 
severe — when, for example, he is visited by the sort of malady that usually attacks 
hard-working people whenever they overeat — and also to give (p339) acceptable 
gifts to strangers when they come — gifts willingly given that do not arouse the 
recipient's suspicion or give him offence — 93 perhaps not silver bowls, or 
embroidered robes, or a four-horse chariot, which were the gifts of Helen and 
Menelaus to Telemachus. For the poor man would be unlikely to have such guests to 
welcome as satraps or kings, for instance, unless they were very temperate and good 
men in whose eyes no gift is inadequate which is prompted by affection. But guests 
that are dissolute and tyrannical they would neither be able, I suppose, to serve 
acceptably nor, perhaps, would they care to extend such hospitality.

Trad. anglaise : J.W. COHOON - H. Lamar CROSBY, Dio Chrysostom. 
Vol. II. London, Heinemann, 1939
Date : 04-12-2008

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