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Langue Grec
Auteur Dion Chrysostome
Références Diogène (ou Sur la vertu; discours VIII), par. 11-12 et 15-16
Sujet Pourquoi, Diogène, assistez-vous aux jeux Isthmiques ?
Descripteurs Diogène de Sinope; jeux Isthmiques; modérer; corriger; athlètes; compétiteurs; homme de bien; vertu; antagonistes;
Extrait Grec
p???µ???? d? t???? e? ?a? a?t?? ???? t?? ????a ?eas?µe???, ???, ?f?, 
???´ ???????µe???. ?a? ?? ????as? te ?a? ??et? a?t?? t??a? ???? t??? 
(8,12) ? d? ?spe? e???e? ?p?ß???a?, ???? ?a?ep?t?t???, e?pe, ?a? ?µa??t?t???, 
??? ??de?? d??ata? ??t?ß???a? t?? ???????, ?? µ??t?? d?at?????ta? ? 
pa?a???ta? ? d?ap?d??ta? ??d? p??te???ta? ?a? ????t????ta? ?a? d?s?e???ta? 
{???? t??? s?f???????ta?}.


(8,15) ??µa? ??? a?t??? t?? ??? ?tt??a ????? ??e??. ? d? ???? ? ?e??a??? ??e?ta? t??? p????? ??ta????st?? µe??st???, ?a? t??t??? ?e? f??e? µ??es?a? ?a? t?? ???ta ?a? t?? ?µ??a?, ??? ?p?? se?????, ?spe? a? a??e?, ??d? ??t???? ?a? p?t???, ???? ?p?? e?da?µ???a? ?a? ??et?? pa?? p??ta t?? ß???, ??? ?ta? ??e??? p??e?p?s?? ? ????????? ? t? ?????? Tetta???, µ?d??a a?t?? f?ß??µe??? µ?d? e???µe??? ???? ?a?e??, (8,16) ???? p???a???µe??? ?fe??? ?pa?ta?, ?a? ??µ? f????e?????ta ?a? ???e? ?a? d???? ?p?µ????ta, ??? d?? µast????µe??? ?a?te?e?? ?a? teµ??µe??? ?a? ?a?µe??? µ?d?? µa?a??? ??d?d??ta? pe??a? d? ?a? f???? ?a? ?d???a? ?a? t? t??a?ta µ?d?? ??e?s?a? de???? a?t?, ???? p??? ???fa, ?a? p??????? pa??e?? ?? a?t??? t?? ??d?a t?? t??e???, ?spe? ?? pa?de? t??? ?st?a?????? ?a? ta?? sfa??a?? ta?? p?????a??.

Traduction française
And when a certain man asked whether he too came to see the contest, he said, "No, 
but to take part." Then when the man laughed and asked him who his competitors 
were, 12 he said with that customary glance  of his: "The toughest there are and the 
hardest to beat, men whom no Greek can look straight in the eye; not competitors, 
however, who sprint, or wrestle or jump, not those that box, throw the spear, and 
hurl the discus, but those that chasten a man."


But the noble man holds his hardships to be his greatest antagonists, and with them he is ever wont to battle day and night, not to win a sprig of parsley as so many goats might do, nor for a bit of wild olive, or of pine, but to win happiness and virtue throughout all the days of his life, and not merely when the Eleans make proclamation, or the Corinthians, or the Thessalian assembly. He is afraid of none of those opponents nor does he pray to draw another antagonist, 16 but challenges them one after another, grappling with hunger and cold, withstanding thirst, and disclosing no weakness even though he must endure the lash or give his body to be cut or burned. Hunting, exile, loss of reputation, and the like have no terrors for him; nay, he holds them as mere trifles, and while in their very grip the perfect man is often as sportive as boys with their dice and their coloured balls. Trad. anglaise : J.W. COHOON - H. Lamar CROSBY, Dio Chrysostom.
Vol. II. London, Heinemann, 1939

Date : 02-12-2008

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