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Langue Grec
Auteur Dion Chrysostome
Références Diogène (ou Sur la tyrannie; discours VI), par. 8-9
Sujet A propos du mode de vie (général) de Diogène de Sinope, philosophe cynique
Descripteurs mode de vie; Diogène de Sinope; cynique; saisons; été; hiver; chaud; froid;
Extrait Grec
(6,8) ??d? ???, ?? ???µ???? ????? t?? ?f?????, ?µe??? ?? a?t? pe?? t?? 
s?µat??, ???´ ??e???? µ?? ????te? ?????ta ?a? ???a?????ta ?a? d????ta 
p??????? ?????t? ?µe?e?? t?? ???a??e?? ?a? t?? ???? ? d? ta?ta p?s??? µ????? 
µ?? ???a??e t?? ?e? ?µp?µp?aµ????, µ????? d? t?? ??d?? µe???t?? ?a? 
µ?d?p?te µ?te (6,9) ?????? µ?te ?a?µat?? pe???µ????, ?t? d? ?d??? µ?? 
??ea???µe??? ?s???et?, ?d??? d? s?t?a p??sef??et?? p??? d? µ???sta ta??
??a?? ??a??e?, ?a? t??t? µ?? e?f?a??et? ?????? p??s???t??, ?p?te ?d? d?a???? 
t?? ???a, t??t? d? ??? ???et? pa??µ????, ?te ?pa??att?µe??? t?? sf?d??? 
?a?µat??, ta?? d? ??a?? ???ep?µe??? ?a? ?at´ ?????? a?t?? pe???µe??? 
???p?? ?f???e?t? p??? ??at??a? t?? ?pe?ß????.
Traduction française
In fact, Diogenes was not neglectful of his body as certain foolish people thought; 
but when they saw him often shivering and living in the open and going thirsty, they 
imagined that he was careless of his health and life, whereas this rigorous regime 
gave him better health than fell to the lot of those who were ever gorging themselves, 
better than fell to the lot of those who stayed indoors and never experienced either 
cold or heat. 9 And he got more pleasure, too, out of sunning himself and more 
pleasure in eating his food than they did. But the seasons were by far his greatest 
delight. On the one hand, he rejoiced as the summer approached and was already 
dissolving the cold air; and on the other, he felt no regret as it drew to its close, since 
this brought him relief from its excessive heat; and (p257) by keeping pace with the 
seasons and growing accustomed to them gradually, he met either extreme without 

Trad. anglaise : J.W. COHOON - H. Lamar CROSBY, Dio Chrysostom.  
Vol. II. London, Heinemann, 1939
Date : 02-12-2008

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