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Langue Grec
Auteur Dion Chrysostome
Références Aux Rhodiens (discours XXXI), 84-85
Sujet A Athènes, avant d'exécuter un condamné à mort, son nom est d'abord rayé de la liste des citoyens
Descripteurs Athènes; condamné à mort; nom; rayer; citoyens; trace;
Extrait Grec
ß????µa? t?????, ?pe? ?????s? µ?? ??da ?????µe???, ??µa? d? ???ta??a 
????es?a? ?at? ??µ?? p??? ?a??? ????ta, e?pe?? p??? ?µ??. ??e? ??? ?ta? 
d?µ?s?? t??? d?? t?? p???t?? ?p??a?e?? ?p´ ?d???µat?, p??te??? a?t?? t? 
???µa ??a?e?feta?. t???? ??e?a; ???? µ??, ?p?? µ???t? d???? p???t??
e??a? p?s?? t? t????t??, ???´ ?? d??at?? ????t???? ?e?????? 
(31,85) e?t´ ??µa? ?a? t?? t?µ???a? a?t?? t??t? µ???? ??? ?????st?? d??e?,
t? µ?d? t?? p??s?????a? ?t? fa??es?a? t?? p??e????t?? e?? t??t? ?a??a?, ???´ 
?fa??s?a? pa?te???, ?a??pe? ??µa? t? µ? ??ptes?a? t??? p??d?ta?, ?p?? 
µ?d?? ? s?µe??? e?? a???? ??d??? p??????.
Traduction française
And so I now wish to tell you of a practice which I know is followed at Athens, 
and here too, I imagine, in accordance with a most excellent law. In Athens, for 
instance, whenever any citizen has to suffer death at the hands of the state for a 
crime, his name is erased  first. Why is this done? One reason is that he may no 
longer be considered a citizen when he undergoes such a punishment but, so far as 
that is possible, as having become an alien. 85 Then, too, I presume that it is looked 
upon as not the least part of the punishment itself, that even the appellation should 
no longer be seen of the man who had gone so far in wickedness, but should be 
utterly blotted out, just as, I believe, traitors are denied (p91) burial, so that in the 
future there may be no trace whatever of a wicked man.

Trad. anglaise : J.W. COHOON - H. Lamar CROSBY, Dio Chrysostom.  
Vol. II. London, Heinemann, 1939
Date : 01-12-2008

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